When it’s too hard to think…

We all have “those” days.  The kind of day where you’d give almost anything to go back to bed, bury yourself in the covers, and possibly not come out for a very, very long time.  Where I live, a lot of people have these kind of days in the middle of January, where it’s been -35 for three weeks straight, before the wind chill.  With all the sun we’ve been having (hello, Vitamin D!), longer daylight hours, and warmer than seasonal temperatures, things should be looking up.  But the truth is, the only thing lifting my spirits today is that March Break is only 3 days away. Three. more. days.    Norwegian winter landscape bathing in warm afternoon sunlight

Today is the kind of day when it hurts to think, let alone dress myself presentably; smile and have normal conversations with my colleagues; educate the world’s next generation (yes, I take my job very seriously); prepare healthy and nutritious meals for my family; make sure I haven’t forgotten to pick someone up somewhere (dance, hockey, etc.); prepare tomorrow’s lessons for a substitute teacher; and a hundred other things I’m probably forgetting.

A few months ago, when I finally approached my doctor about feeling stressed, he looked me straight in the eye and said “It’s easy.  You’re a Type-A, over-achiever who works too much.” Naturally, I tried to argue with him and convince him that being this way was my “only choice”.  How else was everything going to get done that needed to get done?  If I didn’t do it all, who would?

But now, even on days like today when it’s too hard to think, what I am very, very, very slowly learning is that it will all get done.  Somehow, someway, it will.  (And the part I really struggle with is that the somehow and someway doesn’t have to be planned in meticulous detail by yours truly!) Even on days when all I want to do is lock myself in my room, and sleep, it will get done. It may mean my husband forcing me to sit with my feet planted firmly on the group, guiding me through a deep breathing activity (yes, it really happened), but it will get done.  Just like this blog post.  It got done 🙂

Three. more. days…..

Three. more. days…..




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