March Break Musings

While many of my friends and colleagues are off in tropical locations dipping beach drink their toes in the ocean and sipping frozen cocktails, I am home this week for March Break.  Naturally, part of me is a little jealous, that I, too, am not jetting off with only swimsuits, sunscreen, and sandals packed in my suitcase. Or at least heading to the closest city to do some retail therapy and maybe a girls weekend. Or even having remotely any kind of plans that entail leaving my house…

That being said, I am looking forward to giving my mind & body some much needed rest and relaxation in the comforts of my own home.  For instance, this morning, it was absolutely glorious to not have to wake up to my alarm, to enjoy a cup of coffee in the peaceful quiet of my own home, and to have all the time in the world to snuggle up and read a novel (currently: The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley).  I know exactly when The Voice and Love it or List it will play and plan to catch up on all my favourite day-time TV shows that I rarely get to see anymore (hello Cityline!).  I will spend my fair share of time on the couch, quite possibly in my pajamas, and quite possibly asleep.  I will obsessively check my Facebook simply because I have nothing else better to do, and hopefully the sun will come back so I can take Tucker out for a few jaunts around the neighbourhood.

Then because I am Type-A, and can’t fully relax by simply doing nothing, I will try get done a few of the things around here that there never seems time for.  The plan is to clean out and re-organize my kitchen and bathroom cupboards, to clean a few vents that are way past due, and possibly to even print out some photos for the empty frames that have needed filling since our wedding (a year-and-a-half ago!)  If I really get motivated, I might print off some of my Pinterest recipes (and even try to make a few), organize some of the workouts I’ve pinned for easier access (and hopefully  more motivation to work out), and get a head start on lesson planning before next week rolls around.

home sweet homeBut for now, I am going to sit here, as I have been most of the day, dressed cozily in my leggings, over-sized T-shirt and wool socks, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. I’ve alternated between snoozing, reading, surfing social media, and watching the boob tube pretty much all day, with a few minor interruptions for snacks.  I’ll admit I’ve been a little restless – thinking about the things I should be doing and fighting with myself over what will make me feel more satisfied: blissfully continuing to sit here or getting those kitchen cupboards done. It’s the typical internal battle I have day in and day out (and I’m pretty sure I am not alone here) – learning to relax without feeling guilty.  Turning off my brain, forgetting the endless to-do lists, and allowing myself to do nothing: simply, absolutely nothing. It’s not easy but so far I have to say it’s been quite lovely.  So lovely in fact, that I think it’s time for another chapter of my book.

Happy March Break, everybody!


2 thoughts on “March Break Musings

  1. Valerie says:

    Haha! I think this is why we are friends…you’ve articulated “me” in this post! I so can relate to that internal battle you speak of…ok back to hgtv, Facebook and my book! Cheers to March Break 🙂


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