To My Dad, on Father’s Day

Dear Dad,

In honour of Father’s Day, I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly share just how much you mean to me.  Although, I often express myself better in writing, I still struggle to find the words to describe just how special you are.


Your gentle, easygoing nature makes people of all ages love to be around you.  You’re quiet when you need to be, wise when you need to be, and funny when you need to be.  You’re an intelligent man that I look up to very much.

As the years have passed, I have watched you work endlessly for your family and for this I am eternally grateful. You were a dedicated worker and easily gained the admiration and respect of your co-workers.  You volunteer for your community and those who know you, know they can count on you. No matter, what members of the family have needed you, you’ve pushed your own wants and needs aside to be there.  From helping Mike through the most difficult time in his life – to being there every step of the way for Grandma and Grandpa as they aged – to endless home renovations and car repairs – you are always, always there when someone needs a helping hand.  Please know that your family appreciates this very, very much and I hope that I will never take it for granted.

DSC07689Another thing I love about you, Dad, is how you have become one of the most amazing grandfathers I have ever seen. Children have always loved you – they flock to you for your child-at-heart, entertaining ways.  Whether it’s hunting monkeys, trips to the park, or playing game after game of Hello Kitty Trouble, my children and nieces know they can count on G-pa for hours of fun.  You go out of your way to make sure they have everything they could need or want, and for this, I thank you, not only on their behalf, but also on mine.  Watching you as a grandfather is both admirable and amazing.

Not only are you a wonderful grandfather, I have also been blessed to have you as my role model for what a good husband truly should be. Mom once told me that she knew you were the one because of the gentle, kind way you spoke to her from the very beginning.  I am so proud to say that you are still this way.  You have always been there for Mom, just like you have for the rest of us.  You have stayed committed and by her side through all the ups and downs, and this means the world to me.  Thank you for teaching me how a woman should be treated, for always respecting Mom, and for being the perfect role model in your role as a husband.


But most of all, Dad, I want to thank you for being the world’s best Dad.  I don’t know how I got so lucky to be born to such amazing parents.  There really are no words for how much you and Mom mean to me and for how thankful for everything you guys have done for me and our family.

Not many women can say that there Dad is one of their best and most dearest friends, but I definitely can, and am proud to say it.  I know that whenever we spend time together, it will be enjoyable, and filled with laughter and precious memories.  Now that I am grown, there aren’t many people I’d rather spend time with, than you.  Whether it’s camping, taking trips, or just spending time with family, I love it when we are together and look forward to making many more memories with you.

Of course, one of my most special memories with you, happened a couple of years ago when you walked me down the aisle on my wedding day.  It was a moment I had dreamed of for years, and as the last-second emotions and jitters set in, I had you by my side to take my arm and steady me.  You were my rock that day, just like you always have been.  Because you were by my side, I was able to feel nothing but calmness and joy as I walked down that aisle.  I couldn’t have done it without you.


So, today, and every day, I want you to know how much I respect, admire, and love you.  I am truly honoured to have such a wonderful, loving, and supportive man to call my Dad.

With all my love,

Kelly  xoxo




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