Finding God (and it’s probably not what you think)


I found God on my walk this evening.  Don’t be alarmed, it’s probably not what you think.  It’s probably not your God.  It definitely wasn’t Jesus, or Allah, or Jehovah, or Buddha, or any of the other gods that are commonly known.  In fact, the God I discovered may not even be directly associated with religion.

After all, I don’t consider myself a religious person.  At least not in the ways most of us perceive religious people. Yes, I’ve been to church. I like some of the ideals of Christianity but others I don’t like so much; I was baptized in the Presbyterian Church as an infant, and was married in the Catholic Church.  Like many others, I have questioned the existence of a Christian God, I’ve probably even had moments where I fully, whole-heartedly believed in Him, or at least wanted to. I’ve absolutely sung to Him and praised Him, I’ve even taught religion in school. I’ve never been exposed to any type of religion that’s not popular in the Western world, never read about it, or taken courses, or visited religious sites.  But this isn’t about all that.  This was something entirely different.

The God I discovered tonight was my God.  It wasn’t a person.  It wasn’t an all-mighty being.  It wasn’t a bearded man that lives in the sky and creates thunder when he moves his furniture.

It was something different.  It was something that is difficult to describe and put into words.  But I will try.


It was nature ~ the glorious sun gleaming across the lake ~ the richness of the fall colours ~ the cool, crisp, refreshing air ~ the ducks and Canada geese braving a swim in the cool water

It was time to myself ~ not being needed by anyone ~ no one calling my name ~ operating solely on my own schedule even for just a little while ~ thinking my own thoughts~

It was a feeling ….of calmness……of peacefulness……of security

It was knowing my self purely and truly.

It was love and an overwhelming feeling of divine happiness.

It was a feeling inside of me that felt whole, complete, and inspired.


As I walked pensively contemplating my very own spirituality, I realized then that God, for me, is not a person.  It is so many different things. It’s nature, it’s nourishment, it’s peacefulness, and mindfulness. It’s my inner most thoughts and feelings that lie deep within my heart and mind.  It’s the voice inside that speaks to me.

It comforts me

soothes me

heals me

reassures me

carries me

inspires me

uplifts me

nourishes me

protects me

steadies me

guides me

teaches me

Most of all, it loves me.  Pure, divine, and true.   My God is me.









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