30-Day Plan: Day Two

First of all, let me say that I am so proud of myself for the success I had yesterday.  I actually came in 3 points under my allotted target for the day and worked out.  Before yesterday, I definitely thought staying within 30 Weight Watchers points was impossible, but now I’ve proved to myself that with some creativity and determination, I can do it!

That being said, I woke up today craving a giant bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (my typical breakfast).  I knew right away that today would be slightly more challenging than yesterday.  And although it has been, I am happy to say that so far so good.   Here’s how today has shaped up.

Breakfast:  Although I was craving sugary cereal, I knew if I started my day off “wrong”, that it would set my whole day off on the wrong foot.  I’m a big creature of habit and when it comes to cooking, I like to keep things as simple as possible, so I repeated yesterday’s breakfast – 1 fried egg, 4 slices of turkey bacon, and a huge bottle of water.  (Normally, I’d drink milk with breakfast but I am trying to drink more water so I’ve been starting as soon as I get up!)

I've been trying to drink three of these bottles a day for a total of 96 oz. of water per day.

I’ve been trying to drink three of these bottles a day for a total of 96 oz. of water per day.

Workout 1:  One of the luxuries of having the summer off is that I can fit in my workout whenever it works for me.  This morning, not long after breakfast I was lounging on the couch and all I could think about was eating.  That, and taking a nap.  But I had planned to check out a noon-hour Zumba class at my gym today and although I still felt really tired, I decided that a workout might actually wake me up and it would distract me from wanting to eat.  So I got up off the couch (not always easy to do), and got my butt to the gym!  And I was pleasantly surprised by this class!  The music was fantastic, the instructor was good, and it definitely elevated my heart rate!  I am not going to lie though.  When I left nearly an hour later, my legs were aching, I was hungry, and I felt really tired. (I thought cardio sessions were supposed to increase energy?)  Oh well, at least I didn’t stay home where I just would have ate and laid on the couch!

Lunch:  By the time I got home from the gym, I was pretty hungry. I used the last leftover turkey burger from yesterday and repeated the same meal again.  I sautéed some peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and red onions in olive oil and put it on top of the burger along with a bit of feta cheese and salt and pepper.  Yum!  Since I was so hungry from my workout, I devoured a huge piece of watermelon while I waited for my veggies to cook, and then because it was so delicious, I ate another huge piece after my burger.  And of course, I drank more water.

My new favourite and so low in WW points!

My new favourite and so low in WW points!

This afternoon, I was still feeling really sleepy.  I realize that after only one day of eating healthy, my energy levels likely won’t be affected, but I also think this is due to the fact that I have been over-sleeping. Last night I went to bed around 11 p.m hoping that it would force my body to wake up early (I hate to have to set an alarm in the summer!) but I still dozed until about 10:30 this morning!  I guess I am going to have to resort to setting an alarm after all, to keep my body on track with its 8-hour-a-night sleep that I typically get.   Anyway, I lounged and dozed a little on the couch this afternoon, but it really only made me feel lazy so I got up and decided to take care of a few of the tasks on my to-do list.  I made a quick coffee and carefully measured out my favourite cream so as not to use too much.  (Side note:  When I am starting to feel hungry, I’ve noticed that if I keep myself busy and distract myself for a little while, I don’t really notice it as much).

Dinner:  Tonight I grilled some pork chops and used just a tiny bit of BBQ sauce for flavour.  I sautéed some more of my favourite veggies (sprinkled with a bit of feta) and this time added a side of sweet potatoes for some healthy carbs (I buy the frozen ones that are sliced into small chips – sautée them in a bit of olive oil and salt and they are delicious!)  I was very surprised at how full I felt after dinner!

This meal was surprisingly filling.

This meal was surprisingly filling.

Workout 2: After dinner tonight, I had a baseball game.  We play in a mixed, softball fun league.  Although there are some pretty good players, it’s pretty casual and mostly everyone is just out to have some fun.  That being said, running those bases can sure give you a quick cardio blast!  And let’s be honest, any form of activity is better than sitting at home on the couch!

Snack:  By 8:30 pm, I still had 8 Weight Watchers points left ( I still can’t believe I have been able to stay under my points!)  Although it wasn’t a healthy snack, I decided to go a bit easy on myself and enjoyed a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios (carefully measured so as not to go over proper portion size) and some low-fat milk.   This came to a total of 8 points, which put me exactly at my allotted 30 WW points for the day!

So, all in all, although the morning started off tough, I am very proud that Day 2 was just as successful as the first.  It’s definitely taking a lot of conscious effort on my part.  I have to carefully think about each food and drink before I decide what I am going to have. If I don’t take the time to think about my choices, I end up eating mindlessly and definitely not healthfully.  I’m hoping that eventually I’ll have to think about these things less as they become my new habits.  For now, I am still feeling determined to stay on my new program.  One day at a time 🙂




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