30-Day Plan: Day Three

Wahoo!  Day three and I am still on track!  Today, I said no to homemade brownies and avoided the food court while out shopping even though the thought of burgers and fries sounded ah-mazing!  It’s all about the small successes, right?   Here’s how day three has looked:

Veggie and spinach omelette

Veggie and spinach omeletteBreakfast:  In effort to mix in some healthy carbs, I decided to make an omelette for breakfast this morning.  I used 1 whole egg and 1 egg omelette and sprinkled it with salt, pepper, spinach, red onions, peppers and a bit of feta cheese (I’ve been using feta cheese in everything lately because you need very little of it for a lot of flavour!) On the side, I had 3 slices of turkey bacon.  Surprisingly, I didn’t find this omelette near as satisfying as just regular fried eggs so I am going to have to find a few other breakfast alternatives before I get sick of eating a fried egg and turkey bacon every day for breakfast.  I am not a fan of oatmeal and am extremely picky when it comes to fruit so this is going to be a challenge!   I would gladly take any suggestions!  Some ideas I am planning on trying:  whole-grain toast with natural peanut butter and banana slices,  a slice of whole-grain toast topped with guacamole, fried egg, and tomato….  That’s pretty much all I have for ideas and I’m not even sure I’m really going to like either of those so please help me with healthy breakfast ideas!  (And again, please don’t say oatmeal!). Also, as usual, I started chugging my first big bottle of water at breakfast.


Breakfast and the first bottle of water for the day

Breakfast and the first bottle of water for the day

Lunch:  My husband and I had errands to run at the mall today.  By the time we were nearly done I was starting to get hungry for lunch. As we strolled past the food court I was so tempted to have a burger and fries but I just kept on walking!  Then as we headed out to our car, Montana’s restaurant loomed across the parking lot and the thought of nachos and fajitas crossed my mind… Yum!  But instead of caving, I hurried home and whipped up a much healthier lunch.  Today I grilled a beef burger and then topped it with a sprinkle of feta cheese and my usual grilled veggies.  After, I had a huge piece of watermelon.

Lunch was so tasty that I ate half of it before I remembered to snap a photo!

Lunch was so tasty that I ate half of it before I remembered to snap a photo!

My husband and I continued to run our errands  after lunch.   At this point, I could feel a bit of a headache coming on (which I am still attributing to my slight caffeine addiction!) so I made a coffee, carefully measured out some French-Vanilla cream, and took my coffee to go while we finished running errands.

Dinner: After all our running around today, by 5 p.m I was feeling pretty hungry!  Luckily, I had put a whole chicken in the crockpot this morning (just a little bit of chicken broth and cook on low for the day – super easy!) I made my version of a Greek salad and ate it with the chicken breast (after removing the skin).  In my salad I included, mixed greens, romaine lettuce, red onions, peppers, feta cheese and light Greek dressing.

My version of a Greek salad.

My version of a Greek salad.

Dessert: I am a huge chocolate lover and haven’t treated myself to chocolate in a few days (and after eating it every day, that’s saying something!) So today after I had cleaned up dinner, I treated myself to 1/2 cup of chocolate frozen yogurt.  I even ate it straight out of the measuring cup so I knew exactly the portion I was eating!  It was cold, creamy, and absolutely delicious!  It definitely satisfied my chocolate craving and for only 4 Weight Watchers points!

Workout 1:  Since it was such a busy day, I only had time for one short workout today but it was definitely an intense one!  I swear by any of Jillian Michaels DVDs and own about ten of them! Tonight I did the week 1 workout of the Ripped in 30 DVD and this workout is no joke!  It consists of 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minutes of abs and in total there are three different sets.  It’s only a 20-minute workout but I was dripping with sweat and could barely breathe when I was done!   Definitely a great workout!

This workout is short but intense!

This workout is short but intense!

Snack: I’m still in the habit of having a snack in the evening although I am trying to make healthier choices.  Tonight I decided to try a smoothie (I really hate the texture of most fruits so I am trying different ways to consume fruit).  In my blender, I combined 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt,  frozen pineapples, mangoe, and strawberries, and 1/2 a banana. It turned out okay but I still wasn’t really feeling it.  I passed on the smoothie and instead tried 1 slice of whole-grain toast with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter and a few slices of banana.  Although I wasn’t too crazy about the banana (again with the texture thing), I was able to finish it and the toast and the peanut butter were very satisfying (I am a huge fan of peanut butter and jam, but sadly most store-bought jams have way too much added sugar!)

Last night but not least, another small victory today was that after searching forever for a pair of denim walking shorts, I finally found some today!  The best part?  I bought a size smaller than I would have needed last summer.  Great feeling, am I right ladies?!  It’s all about the baby steps and celebrating small successes along the way!

3 days down, 27 to go!

8 thoughts on “30-Day Plan: Day Three

  1. Sarah says:

    For breakfast you could try greek yogurt and granola. I use 1/2 cup of plain 0% Greek yogurt with a bit of honey for flavour and top with 1/4 cup of vector protien granola and banana slices. (It’s definitely just as tasty without the banana) Its full of protien so it keeps me satisfied for a while.


      • Sarah says:

        Yeah but this one is also packed with protien. The yogurt and granola together probably equal about 350 cals. (ish) Which isn’t too bad for a yummy meal.


      • kelmalley says:

        Ok. Can you send me the info from the nutritional guide so I can check the WW points? I would need the calories, fat content, sugar, protein and carbs…. I think that’s it! Also, we’re coming to town next week, so see you then! Xo


  2. Me says:

    For breakfast I sometimes saute some diced sweet potato in a bit of olive oil. Add a bit of spinach and cook til wilted. Add salt and fresh cracked pepper and turmeric. Top with a poached egg. Perfection.

    I make my own granola. Here is the recipe – 1/4 cup honey, oil and vanilla warmed on the stove top. In a large bowl combine 4 cups quick oats, flax, sliced almonds and a dash of salt. Add the honey mixture and mix to combine. Whip an egg white until frothy and fold that in. Bake in a thin layer at 325 or lower, keeping an eye on it so it does not burn.


  3. Me says:

    Equal parts honey and oil. I just pour the vanilla and never measure. Maybe a tablespoon?
    I bake mine for about 25 min, but like I said, you need to keep an eye on it. It will brown on the outside edges first. Stir so it will all cook evenly. I eat mine on yogurt or as cereal with milk. My kids love it too! It reminds me of honeybunches of oats cereal.


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