30-Day Plan: Day Twenty-Two

I am pretty tired tonight but wanted to stay consistent with my daily updates, so here’s a look at Day 22:

Workout 1: I had to be up nice and early today to bring our SUV to the shop for repairs.  After dropping it off, I walked the long way home which took me about 30 minutes.  Even though it was early and the temperature was only 22 degrees, most of the walk was facing the sun so it still felt pretty hot out!  That being said, I had been up for a bit before I took the vehicle in so at least I wasn’t a walking zombie like I sometimes am in the morning!  In fact, it felt nice to get out and get some exercise in to start my day.

Breakfast:  After I got home, I watched TV for an hour or so before making breakfast.  I stuck with my usual fried an egg and paired it with 3 slices of turkey bacon.  I am not sure what I did differently today but somehow the egg turned out extra fluffy.  It was so good!  After breakfast, I enjoyed my coffee (and cream) in the sun on the deck while reading (currently: Wild by Nature by Sarah Marquis – pretty good so far!)


Reading on the deck.

Reading on the deck.

After a bit of reading, I was actually starting to feel really tired.  I knew if I was going to make it to yoga on time I’d have to leave a bit earlier than normal since I’d be on foot instead of driving.  But the thought of walking there didn’t seem appealing at all (for some unexplained reason both of my legs from the hips down to my calves have been achy and sore today even though I haven’t done any kind of major workout…) I was feeling sluggish and sleepy so I opted to take a little nap instead (we have a window A/C installed in our bedroom and I’ve recently replaced our flannel sheets with cool, cotton ones!) I ended up sleeping for about an hour and it was pure bliss!  Although I kind of regretted missing yoga, I certainly didn’t feel badly about taking a nap!

Lunch: For some reason when I woke up after my nap, I couldn’t stop thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches.  I suddenly had a weird craving for one (more particularly the delicious kind you get in little diners that are made on thick, white bread and toasted to golden perfection!) Unfortunatley, I only had whole-grain bread in the house but even with that I figured out the sandwich would be about 7 WW points.  Seven points is pretty high for a simple sandwich and I was worried it wouldn’t fill me up enough but I decided to have it anyway (yum!) After, I had a small bowl of Mini Crispies dill pickle rice cakes.

Not very visually appealing but yummy nonetheless!

Not very visually appealing but yummy nonetheless!

Workout 2: After lunch, I decided to tackle a bookshelf in our dining room that’s needed to be re-organized forever!  Carrying loads of books up and down the stairs was actually a pretty good workout, plus it felt really good to finally get that job done.  Then, the garage finally called to say our vehicle was ready so I walked over to pick it up (another 15 minutes).

Since I had wheels to get me there, I decided to do a quick browse through the mall.  I’ve decided that I am going to do an “emoji and hashtag” theme in my classroom this year so I was on the hunt for items for my classroom and I actually found a few things!  I also picked up a pretty cute romper at Reitman’s that I did not think I would be able to wear, but it actually looked pretty cute (I’ll post some photos when I wear it, but I’m saving it for our upcoming vacation!)

Picked up a few things for my classroom.

Picked up a few things for my classroom.

Dinner: After my shopping excursion, I was briefly tempted to stop at the food court for dinner.  As I walked by I noticed someone eating a huge, delicious-looking burger.  I forced myself not to look at it!  Iced cappuccinos from Tim Horton’s were also calling my name but I an happy  to say I headed home without giving in to any temptations!  When I got home, I prepared some more sweet potato hash (peel and cube potatoes, boil until tender, them pan-fry in olive oil with some garlic, onions, salt & pepper, and parsley).  I had a serving of sweet potatoes (4 points), with my regular sautéed vegetables and feta cheese (1 point), and a chicken breast leftover from the other day.  By the time my plate was loaded up, I couldn’t believe how much food there was (I’ve been using side plates instead of the full-sized dinner plate).  I ate every last bite and it was so delicious and only 8 points in total!



Dessert: After dinner, I fulfilled my sweet craving with 1/2 cup chocolate frozen yogurt.

I didn’t have an evening snack tonight (unless you count the dessert) but I kept myself occupied doing laundry and working on my long-range plans for school.  I often find if my mind is distracted I am not as tempted to snack!   Tomorrow, we are headed out on our weekend adventure (more about that later, we’ve got a surprise planned for our kids!) I am still contemplating whether or not I am going to pack a cooler so I can eat some of my own food while on the road.  We’ll be gone for about 4-5 days total so I am thinking it’d probably be a good idea, especially since the end of my 30-day plan is drawing near ( I need to go out with a bang!) I guess that means a quick trip to the grocery store tomorrow before we head out!

22 days down, 8 days to go!


5 thoughts on “30-Day Plan: Day Twenty-Two

  1. slimmingbsimcha says:

    Great day, well done. Esp having the cheese sandwich, sometimes you just need to have what you fancy.
    A question for you, when you fry things are you using a spray oil? I just noticed that you don’t count any points for oil for frying, but do seem to fry quite a lot of your food. Just me being nosy. Have a good day.


    • kelmalley says:

      Hey – I do use extra-virgin olive oil to fry my veggies and sweet potatoes. I use very little though. I definitely should be counting the points for it, thanks for mentioning that! That being said, (and this may sound totally crazy), sometimes when my points add up too quickly I get frustrated and just want to give up – so if I leave out the little add-on (like oil) than I am more encouraged. Haha, I know that sounds completely ridiculous! And I am perfectly aware that those “little add–ons” can totally add up to cause a lot of damage but this is just the way my mind ticks sometimes (remember, I never claimed to be perfect! Haha) When I cook my eggs though, I do use a light olive oil spray.


      • slimmingbsimcha says:

        Sometimes takes an objective observer to pick up on those things. I find that it is by being particular about the “add ons” I am more particular about everything. It’s a mindset thing. Inn definitely nut perfect either, but hopefully good enough!
        You inspired me to have some watermelon yards but sadly it was really flavourless. Never mind. Any idea what to do with three quarters of a not great watermelon?


      • kelmalley says:

        I’ve never tried it but someone I know was talking about making a salad with spinach, cubed watermelon, and cucumber. Sprinkle it with feta cheese. Otherwise, I would just toss it! I am really picky when it comes to watermelon so if it’s not just the right texture or sweetness, I often throw it out! I know it’s wasteful but I need to enjoy the food I am eating!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Me says:

    Not snacking in the evening is a great trick to lose weight. I usually brush my teeth right after dinner or chew mint gum to keep myself from feeling the urge to snack.

    Curious about your trip!


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