30-Day Plan: Day Twenty-Three

Well, we are on the road again!  We’re staying briefly at my Mom and Dad’s tonight and then headed on our weekend trip with our kids (ages 12 and 17) tomorrow!   There are definitely going to be some food challenges this weekend but I’ve planned ahead and hopefully I am prepared for most of them!  I can’t believe I am one week away from reaching my 30 days!   Here’s what today looked like:

Breakfast:  I stuck with what works again this morning so had my usual fried egg and 3 slices of turkey bacon (I keep forgetting to mention, I always drink water with breakfast).  After, I sipped my coffee (and cream) while watching morning talk shows and reading.   Normally, I like to move pretty slow in the morning but today I had lots to do so it wasn’t long before I was up and getting in the shower to get ready to start my day!


After dropping off my daughter, I zipped out to Walmart to grab some groceries and a few other things for the weekend.  I had contemplated whether or not I’d pack food this weekend and finally decided that I may as well.  Not only will it help me to stay on track with my 30-day plan, but it will save us some money too!  Here’s some of the things I picked up at Walmart: turkey bacon, turkey burgers, mini rice cakes (my alternative to chips), eggs, some Diet Coke (a little treat for me), Pepsi (treat for my hubby and kids), and some small tinfoil containers with lids to pack my veggies in.  When I got home, I pre-cooked the turkey bacon and burgers so it’d be easy to heat up while on the road.  Then I prepared three of the tin-foil bowls with my diced veggies so they’d also be ready to go.  In my cooler, I packed these things along with a few eggs, coffee creamer, yogurt, lettuce, and feta cheese.  I also brought along my rice cakes, tortilla strips (in case I want a salad – they add the perfect crunch!), and some almonds to snack on.

Food prep underway!

Food prep underway!

I pre-portioned all my diced veggies for a quick and easy meal

I pre-portioned all my diced veggies for a quick and easy meal

Lunch: I had to grab lunch on the fly today so I quickly grabbed the leftover sweet potatoes and chicken from my fridge.  Admittedly, I kind of over-cooked the potatoes so they weren’t as good as usual and even the chicken wasn’t hitting the spot but I ate it anyway so I wouldn’t be hungry.  I had one last piece of watermelon in my fridge so I figured I’d eat it up so it didn’t go bad while we were away but unfortunately it was already losing it’s ripeness.  I ate about half of it and tossed the other half.  I grabbed a bottle of water and raced out the door to a couple of appointments I had scheduled for this afternoon.

Pretty unsatisfying lunch but it held me over until dinner.

Pretty unsatisfying lunch but it held me over until dinner.

After a very busy afternoon of errands, appointments, and packing we were just about ready to hit the road.  Since I wanted something quick for dinner and had pretty much already cleaned out the fridge, I decided to grab something on the road.  Before doing this though, I spent some time (while sitting at the hairdresser’s this afternoon!) to scroll through my Weight Watchers app so that I could make an informed choice.  I had considered Subway (pretty safe bet for eating healthy if you are careful not to add to many sauces and cheeses), but then decided I wanted something hot, so went to Wendy’s instead.  There, I ordered an Ultimate Grilled Chicken sandwich (8 points), a kids’ order of fries (6 points) and a small Diet Coke (0 points) for a total of 14 points.  Yes, that’s pretty high for dinner but compared to a lot of things I could have had at a fast-food restaurant it was actually pretty decent!  Some of the sandwiches alone are over 20 points!  Plus, the burger was a significant size so I knew it’d keep me full long enough.

After our quick dinner, we hit the road and arrived at Mom & Dad’s about 8 p.m tonight.  As soon as we got inside, I could smell something baking!  It turns out, Mom had just taken fresh banana bread out of the oven!  Not that I need to say any more than that, but I don’t ever bake at home so having fresh-baked anything from the oven is a real treat!  I had one piece and estimated it to be about 6 points, putting me at a total of 37 points for the day.

Workouts:  Unfortunately, I didn’t do any workouts today.  I had planned to go to Zumba but then slept in too late and wouldn’t have had time to get all my other errands done.  I’m a bit disappointed in myself for not making time for it but also realize that these things happen so not really dwelling on it.

Okay, it’s off to bed I go so that I can be well rested for the weekend’s adventures!  I will try to update while we’re gone but if I don’t get a chance then you’ll hear from me on Monday when we get back (including everything we did and everything I ate!)  Happy Long Weekend, everyone!

23 days down, 7 days to go!

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