30-Day Plan: Day 28

Sorry for the delayed post but I was quite busy last evening so didn’t get a chance to get on here and write.  I am happy to report that I got right back on track yesterday.  Here’s how the day went:

Breakfast: 3 slices turkey bacon, 1 fried egg, coffee with French-Vanilla cream, and water.


After breakfast, I was feeling really tired from the weekend’s adventures so I took things easy and watched TV while scrolling through social media.

Lunch: I returned to my tried-and-true low-points lunch and had a turkey burger, sautéed vegetables, and a sprinkle of feta cheese.  It was delicious but I was craving something cold (it has been so hot here lately!) so I also had a 1/2 cup of Chapman’s Dutch Chocolate frozen yogurt.


After lunch, I caught up on some laundry from our vacation, swept the floors, read a little and caught up with one of my friends online.

Workout:  Since it was Tuesday, I hit my regular gentle yoga class at my gym.  It turned out I was the only one who showed up so it ended up being a private class!  The instructor still pretty much carried through her regular series of stretches and poses but we did do some stretches on the wall that we don’t normall do that felt really good.  Either way, I always leave this class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!  Also, this class earns me about 3 activity points.

Dinner: After yoga, I grabbed a roasted chicken at the deli and flew home to have a quick dinner before my Weight Watchers meeting.  I whipped together my taco salad (lettuce, green onions, red/yellow/green peppers, shredded cheese, tortilla salad topper, and low-cal Italian dressing) and ate a chunk of the chicken breast with it.

(I forgot my phone in the car so didn’t get a picture of dinner.)

After dinner, I attended my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh-in.  I wasn’t surprised to see that I was up 1lb.  In fact, after all the indulgences over the weekend, I had kind of expected it to be a lot worse!  Plus, I had a significant loss last week so being up 1lb was really no big deal.  Not only that, but I know the number on the scale isn’t everything – there are so many factors that play into one’s weight. So although I wish the scale had gone down, I am really not letting the minor gain upset me. I know this is a slow and steady progress full of ups and downs and I am confident in my efforts lately and that’s all that really matters!

Workout 2: After Weight Watchers, I had a softball game which usually lasts just over an hour.  By this time it was pretty cloudy but the humidity was still unreal.  Man, did I ever sweat while we were playing!  I earned about 6 activity points.

By the time I got home from softball, I wanted something cold again so I had another 1/2 cup of chocolate frozen yogurt.  After, I was really tempted to have another serving but instead distracted myself with social media and was able to forget about having any more.


28 days down, 2 to go!

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