Quiet, Easy Days at Home 💕

Well, here we are, the night before my return to work after yet another wonderful Christmas Break.  The last two weeks of holidays have been incredible.  Of course, we had Christmas in there which is my most favourite holiday, but I think what I enjoyed even more were the quiet, easy days at home.


When we left school for Christmas Break I was exhausted.  And the last two weeks have been so restful and easygoing.  It was so needed.  I am realizing more and more just how much I love just being at home, spending a quiet day, puttering around, not running on a schedule, and just doing whatever makes my heart happy.  I guess I really am getting older!

For at least the last week, I haven’t been setting an alarm and just sleeping in everyday which feels amazing (granted, I really didn’t mean to sleep until after ten everyday, but it is what it is).  Upon waking, I’d linger in bed, chatting with my husband, scrolling through my social media feeds (loving Instagram even more than Facebook these days!) and cuddling our dog.  When I got hungry enough, I’d get up, turn on some soft, acoustic music and cook eggs for breakfast.  After breakfast, I’d make a coffee and curl up for some more social media time (yes, lots of social media but hey, it’s whatever makes you happy, right?) Many times, I’d sit for an hour or more, just relaxing, sipping my coffee and gaining inspiration from feeds and blogs I follow online.

This is not my home but I love how cozy it looks.

This is not my home but I love how cozy it looks.

After that, my day was wide open.  I don’t necessarily feel good when I have an entirely lazy day.  I like the satisfaction of being productive.  But I also like to do it at my own pace and on my own schedule.  I can’t believe I am going to say this but I don’t even mind doing laundry, washing dishes, or cleaning the house when I have all day to do it and can take my time.   The other day I lit some candles, played music from the Relax & Unwind playlist on Spotify,  and actually enjoyed cleaning my house.  It felt so good!  Other things I would do throughout the day include blogging (right here!), reading (currently: Girl in the Woods by Aspen Matis ~ so good!), watch television (faves:  Cityline, The Marilyn Denis Show, The Big Bang Theory or Dr. Phil), or look for sources of inspiration on sites like TeachersPayTeachers and Pinterest. 

I’ve also found time in my day to cook healthy meals and do at-home workouts.  After, I’d take my time enjoying a hot, lavender bath or long shower and then sit around wrapped in my big, plush towel~ no rush to get my hair and makeup done, and get dressed and out the door!

There’s just something so lovely about being at home – about being in my own space with the people I love, doing the things I love.  Not to mention, it’s so quiet here.  Bliss.


But alas, the day has come and tomorrow I return to work.  I will miss my quiet, calm days at home but am hoping I can carry a bit of this relaxed, easygoing feeling with me as I jump back into a routine.  It might be wishful thinking, but at least I’ll still have my weekends!

For all of you heading back to work tomorrow, I hope you have a smooth and easy day!   xo

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