Positive Self-Talk: How it helps me to go from feeling crazy to feeling calm ūüíē

Life is messy. ¬†Some days are hard and they’re hard for no particular reason. ¬†Today was one of those days. ¬†For no apparent reason, I let negative thoughts begin to formulate in my mind and for me, once it starts it’s ike a dangerous rollercoaster – one negative thought feeds into the next. ¬†They snowball out of control until I am so overwhelmed by negativity, I lose all sense of myself. ¬†Today, those feelings overtook my mind and my body until I was a hot, snotty, crying mess. ¬†But now that I’m back on even ground, I realize that that’s okay. ¬†(Trust me, in the height of these feelings and thoughts it’s anything but¬†okay).¬†We all have those days. ¬†And I’m okay now. ¬†I have grounded myself. ¬†I have turned off the negative thoughts by thinking every positive thought I could think and then writing it down because that’s how I cope best.



Now I feel so much better. ¬†It’s about embracing it all. ¬†The good, the wonderful, the terrible, the hard, and everything in between. ¬†Here are my positive affirmations that helped turn my mind around today. ¬†Once I got started they weren’t hard to come up with. ¬†It’s when I am feeling the most intense feelings that my fingers fly over the keyboard the fastest. We have to be aware of when we’re filling our own minds with negative thoughts and use every strategy we can to turn them back into positive. ¬†For me, it’s the only way I can go from being a complete emotional wreck, to feeling happy and calm again. ¬†I simply turned on some calming music, shut myself into my room, and started to write to remind myself of all the reasons I should feel good. ¬†What are your coping skills for the days when life just seems so hard?

Positive Self-Talk ūüíē


(While doing this I imagined I was talking to one of my best friends, because after all we should all be our own best friend!)

You have been working so hard at making yourself healthier.¬†You have been educating yourself about nutrition and sugar and making changes to improve your health and weight. ¬†You overcame the fierce addiction to coffee and flavoured cream and other junk food and treats. ¬†You have been able to say No to them. ¬†You have been brave enough to experiment with alternatives. ¬†You sought out answers for yourself. ¬†You have reached out for help and support when you needed it. ¬†You have stood firmly by your own beliefs and stood true to them even when others you respect may disagree. ¬†You have said no to fast food and temptations numerous times. ¬†You are strong. ¬†You have been feeling good about your body and the changes you see in it. ¬†You are proud of yourself because you work so hard. ¬†You have learned so much about school and technology lately and have worked hard to make engaging lessons for your students. ¬†You have worked tirelessly and endlessly to help each and every individual student and to be the best teacher you can be. ¬†You have stayed patient and have not been yelling at the kids when they frustrate you. ¬†You are doing your best. ¬†You are a hardworking, open-minded, dedicated teacher. ¬†You are a positive person. ¬†Be gentle with yourself. ¬†You are YOU. ¬†You are kind. ¬†You want the best for people. ¬†Your husband is amazing and suppportive. ¬†He went to buy you cold medication when you weren’t feeling well. ¬†He let you use the bigger blanket because you weren’t feeling well. ¬†He listens to your irrational tangents and sits with you and continues to speak logically to you and ground you and he does it for as long as he needs to until you are okay. ¬†You laughed with your husband and your son last night and it felt so good. ¬†It felt so good to share a joke with Brandon and to watch him laugh at himself. It felt so good to hang out with Brad in the garage doing something of his choosing but just enjoying each other’s company and laughing together – it felt like we were dating again. ¬†You have amazing family. ¬†When you called your Mom yesterday her voice sounded so happy to hear from you. ¬†Your nieces love you and were so excited to talk to you on video chat. ¬†They are adorable and you love them so much. ¬†You looked at your daughter’s grad photo this morning and thought about how beautiful she is and how proud you are of her. ¬†You have a home that you have worked hard for, that you take good care of, and that you love to be in. ¬†The sun is shining and summer is coming. ¬†Soon you will go on vacation. ¬†You will be near water and read books and go camping with your family. ¬†You will feel invigorated by the city and by the fresh air and just by summer in general. ¬†You have been trying to so hard. ¬†I see your hard work, your endless dedication, it’s enough. ¬†You are good enough. ¬†You are happy and positive and loved and smart and dedicated and hard working and beautiful and special. ¬† Now slow down. ¬†Enjoy life. ¬†Enjoy YOUR life and what truly makes you happy. ¬†You may have to find it again. ¬†It will take time but whatever you find it is good enough. ¬†It will bring you joy and true happiness and peace and serenity. ¬†Don’t listen to the judgements from others. ¬†Most especially don’t judge yourself. ¬†Don’t compare yourself to others. ¬†You are okay. ¬†Things will be okay. Life is hard sometimes. ¬†Really, really hard. ¬†It’s okay to be sad sometimes. ¬†To feel frustrated, overwhelmed, not good enough. ¬†But when those things happen, it’s okay. ¬†It’s all okay. ¬†It is life and you have such a beautiful life. ¬†So many reasons to be happy. ¬†You won’t always understood, have the answers, feel satisfied, but trust the process. One day at a time. ¬†You got this. It’s all okay. ¬†Everything is okay and you are happy, light, happy, and free. ¬†I love you. ¬†I love you so¬†much.


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