Lazy Days of Summer

Guys, summer is finally here and I am so, so excited!  Where I live in Northern Ontario, Canada summers don’t last very long so we have to soak up every minute that we can.  Plus, being a teacher means I’m on holidays all summer long and I am definitely not mad about that!

Today, was our first extremely hot day of the summer and while I’m not usually a fan of the extreme heat, I am not going to complain (yet!) In fact, the heat and humidity has been a really good reminder to slow down and enjoy the lazy days that summer offers.

That got me to thinking about some of the ways, I feel more relaxed and easygoing in the summer.  For example, my house has needed cleaning all week and right now, I just don’t care – haha! Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually really not that bad, there’s just a lot of things lying around and I’m usually the type that likes everything in it’s spot.  But I find it so much easier in the summer to look at a pile of dishes and think “Nah, those can be done later” or to ignore the pile of laundry gathering on the laundry room floor.  Having no schedule in the summer is a luxury I’m so grateful to have because it takes off the pressure to do those household chores that normally have to get done in a limited amount of time during busy work weeks.

Another thing I have noticed is that my style is a lot more casual in the summer.  This summer, for instance, I’m totally loving the athleisure look – lots of leggings, sporty capris, tanks, and sports bras.  Not only is this comfy and easy to wear but since I’m a lot more active in the summer, it’s pretty convenient too!  And again, not having to go to work means my summer wardrobe can be as relaxed as I want it to be! You’ll also see me in a baseball cap a lot more in the summer than during the winter months.

Messy hair, don’t care all summer long!

Another luxury I’ve been loving lately is that I’ve basically hung up my blow dryer and flat iron for the summer!  With all the humidity, my hair gets a nice enough wave in it that it looks suitable enough to go out into public. Sure, it doesn’t look as great as when I spend twenty minutes straightening it, but “messy hair, don’t care” is definitely my motto for summer! Plus, when things get bad enough, there’s always that ball cap I mentionned above!

For me though, the best part about summer has got to be the wide-open schedules.  Normally my life, like many others, is super busy and over-scheduled.  Between my job as a teacher, being a wife and a stepmom, extracurricular activities, and so on, life gets so, so busy during the school year.  Sometimes I even get anxiety on the weekends because I feel like the time frame I have to get everything “done” that I didn’t do during the week is so tight.  I wake up with a running to-do list in my mind and the next thing I know it’s Sunday night and the whole thing is starting over again!

But I am so blessed to work in a profession where I have the summer off and that, for the most part, means absolutely no schedule!  Now that my kids are older, even less so.  I don’t have to wake up to an alarm which is the most amazing feel ever. Plus, when I do wake up I have the entire day to accomplish anything I want to get done, whether it be errands, a workout, or a little project around the house. I can watch daytime television, read as long as I want, or enjoy a wonderful afternoon nap. If a friend calls and wants to get together, it’s easy to step out and meet up for a drink or go for a walk.

Enjoying every moment of summer (This is actually a photo from last summer – I miss my darker hair)

With all the free time, I also notice that I tend to get more reflective during the summer.  I have more time to delve a bit deeper into things that have piqued my interest but I wouldn’t normally have time for.  I have fun searching for inspiration on Pinterest and of course, writing on my blog!  (Something that easily gets pushed to the side during the school year).

Of course, most of all though, I love spending time with my family and getting out of town during the summer!  My hometown (where my parents and much of my extended family still live) is just a couple hours away, and there’s nothing like a trip home during the summer to bring back wonderful memories of summers spent at the local pool and playing outdoors.  We’ll be headed there in a couple of weeks to celebrate my Mom’s birthday and I already can’t wait!

Stay tuned for more of our summer adventures!

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