My Top 15 Reasons for Getting Healthy

In light of my family’s new plan to “get back on track” and starting eating better and being more active, I have compiled my personal list of reasons to lose weight and get healthy.  If, like me, you are looking for some motivation, maybe some of these will help! DSC00971

1. To feel better about my body again

2. To have more energy and motivation

3. To feel better physically (less aches, pains, and stiffness!)

4. To be a good role model for my children (less preaching, and more practicing!)

5. To improve my future health (family history of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, mental illness)

6. For better mental health

7. To feel proud of myself

8. To wear cuter clothes (especially all those ones packed away in my basement that no longer fit!)

9. Because it’s easier to shop for smaller sizes

10. To like what I see in pictures and in the mirror

11. To wear my wedding gown again (rock the dress session!)

12. So my wedding rings will fit better and I can actually take them off again

13. To be strong and fit

14. To set and meet new goals

15. To be an inspiration for myself and others

Check out some of my past pictures that I currently use for motivation!

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25 Lovely Things

  1. lace flowers
  2. wedding gowns
  3. candles
  4. white lights
  5. Pop Lite Relaxation playlist (Songza – try it!)
  6. empty journals
  7. sparkly jewellery
  8. ballet
  9. yoga
  10. figure skating
  11. flowers (hydrangeas, peonies, dahlias, tulips)
  12. gardens
  13. pointe shoes
  14. manicured finger nails
  15. beach sunset
  16. perfume (Chanel Mademoiselle)
  17. my wedding band and engagement ring
  18. front porches
  19. lakes
  20. campfires
  21. vintage style (20’s-50’s mostly)
  22. pearls
  23. the way the sun looks shining through snow-covered evergreens over across a frozen lake
  24. books
  25. fuzzy blankets