Looks I’m Loving Right Now

A few posts back I mentioned my slight obsession with Pinterest.  Although I would never classify myself as a “fashionista”, the women’s fashion category is definitely one of my favourite, most inspiring categories to peruse, and tonight has been no different.  I’m not exactly sure if all my picks are “on trend”, but thought it’d be fun to share the looks I’m loving anyway!  🙂




Lovely Things

If you’re anything like me, you have a “small” obsession with Pinterest!  No matter the topic (‘home décor’, ‘fashion’, and ‘popular’ are my most recent faves), there is something so relaxing about scrolling through all those pictures looking for something that speaks to you. Whether I’m looking for fresh, new ideas to bring to my classroom, clever tips on how to better organize my closets, or a recipe for a delicious dessert to bring to a potluck, I can find it.  But actually one of my favourite things to do (and a very relaxing Friday-night activity – yes, I’m getting old!), is to look for pictures that simply inspire me.  Check out some of my favourites below then see my post entitled Lovely Things (under Lists) which was inspired my Pinterest board aptly named “Lovely”.  What are some things that you find lovely and inspiring?