Looks I’m Loving Right Now: Fall 2015





Fall is definitely one of my most favourite seasons.  The fresh-start feeling of a new school year, plaid and pumpkin everything, the gorgeous colours of the leaves as they change, hot coffee, Halloween (one of my family’s favourite holidays), and even the anticipation of the coming winter as we spend many cozy nights snuggled up on the couch.

But one of my most favourite aspects of fall is that it’s possibly the best season for fashion and style.  Between working part-time for a fashion retailer, spending a lot of time surfing Pinterest(current fave: women’s fashion), and following many lifestyle and fashion blogs (current fave: Southern Curls and Pearls), I am feeling totally inspired lately.  From plaid blanket scarves to boots of all kinds, check out some of the looks I am loving below.


Knee-high boots, chambray shirt, black leggings, and the gorgeous colour of this knit sweater!  Plus fabulous earrings.

The first thing that grabbed my attention about this outfit is the amazing emerald colour of the cardigan. Paired with a chambray shirt, black leggings, stunning Tory Burch boots, and fabulous earrings, it’s definitely a look to love!

A collection of some of my fave looks - stripes, leopard, booties, distressed jeans, a bit of bling, and neutrals that go with everything.

A collection of some of my fave things for fall – stripes, leopard, ankle booties, distressed jeans, a bit of bling, and neutrals that go with everything.


I seriously love this whole look. Her hair is pure perfection and I love the striped long-sleeved tee under the knit poncho. It looks amazing paired with a leopard handbag, leggings, boot socks, and a gorgeous pair of knee-high boots.

This plaid blanket scarf, with a quilted vest, and green dress

I adore the colours in this plaid scarf and I love the unexpected look of the grey quilted vest over an emerald green dress. Dark nails and gold jewellery tops off the lock.

A neutral military-style jacket, beautiful lace shirt, aubergine pants, and dainty gold jewellery

I love this girly, lace top mixed with a neutral military-styled vest. But my favourite part of this outfit is the gorgeous colour of these jeans!

The perfect nail colour for fall.

The perfect nail colour for fall.

Currently rocking this hair colour and absolutely love it.  It will stay for awhile.

I tried this hair colour at my last visit to the salon and I absolutely love it. It will definitley stay for awhile!

Plaid shirt, cardigan, skinny jeans, beautiful handbag, and suede booties

I love the preppy look of this outfit. The plaid shirt, athletic cardigan, gorgeous handbag, cuffed jeans, and suede boots create a casual but girly look. Oh, and again with the hair perfection….

Love this entire look.  Dark, skinny jeans, booties, plaid shirt, puffy vest, and long loose curls

Again, I Iove this entire look. The dark cuffed skinny jeans, booties, plaid shirt, puffy vest, and long loose curls – simply gorgeous!

These big cowl-necked sweaters are everywhere this fall. I love how this one is layered over a red plaid shirt to add a pop of colour. Paired with dark jeans, boots, a handbag and gold accessories, it makes for a great fall look!

This is a great example of the right way to wear a blanket scarf as a shawl.  And her hair is pretty much perfect!

This is a great example of the right way to wear a blanket scarf as outerwear! I love that it’s layered over a striped top, and dark skinnies. Those gorgeous wedge boots, bright red purse and lips, and lush, long curls top off the look.

I'm having total curly hair envy.  Plus I love how this plaid shirt looks with the quilted vest and gold watch.

You may have noticed I am having total curly hair envy (really have to learn how to use a curling wand!) I also love how this plaid shirt looks with the quilted vest, gold watch, and berry lip colour.

Gorgeous plaid scarf, dark cuffed jeans, neutral long-sleeved tee, cute military-style vest, and cowboy-inspired booties

While these aren’t my favourite style of ankle booties, I love the dark cuffed jeans, military-inspired vest, and gorgeous plaid scarf paired with a basic white tee.

What are you favourite looks for fall??

The Tribal-inspired Looks I’m Loving

Summer fashion can be so much fun with an array of bright colours, patterns, and different styles to try.  Lately I am totally loving everything tribal-inspired – whether it’s Aztec prints, Native American, or Navajo-inspired. I love the mix of colour and the eclectic look on clothes, in jewellery, or even tied in to your home décor.  Check out some of my favourite pins and ways to incorporate this look into your style!


Fitting Room Nightmares

shoppingWhen I was smaller, I used to love shopping for clothes.  I could always find my size and nearly everything I tried on looked pretty great (if I do say so myself).  I remember the thrill of realizing that I needed an extra-small, something that had never happened to me before.  Not only that but aren’t the clearance racks always full of too-cute, adorable, size 2s?

Now that I am struggling with my weight again, I once again have to battle what I like to call the Fitting Room Nightmare.  It’s not the room itself that I hate (although granted they are usually much too small, with bad lighting, and not enough hooks to hang all your stuff on).  It’s the actual trying on of the clothes that I despise.

When you’re not exactly a size 4,  (let’s say you happen to be more like a size 14) and have junk not only in the trunk but upstairs too, it can be very frustrating to dress your body.  Some fabric is much too clingy, some cuts make you look bigger than you are, other styles just look so much cuter on the hanger or on much smaller or taller girls.

clothing rackI had such an experience this evening and it’s left me feeling frustrated, disappointed and a little down on myself (although I am trying really hard to stay positive!) My wardrobe has been in dire need of a facelift for some time now but my husband and I have been pinching pennies like crazy to try to pay down some debt.  Now that I finally have a few extra dollars in my bank account (and the warmer weather has finally arrived!) I decided that it’s time to pick up some cute and fresh pieces for spring.

Now granted, I live in a fairly small city with one fairly small shopping centre and the selection of women’s clothing is generally terrible.  There are about four or five stores that I can check out, that might have something.  If I’m lucky.  And if I do find something that I like, and it actually fits, chances are it won’t be on the sale rack.  Because heaven forbid, I not only find something I like, but also get a deal!

I miss buying cute dresses like this one.

I miss buying cute dresses like this one.

Tonight, I tried on heaps of clothes.  I even branched out and tried some styles that I haven’t tried before (palazzo pants anyone?)  I decided to have an open-mind and just try.  So I dressed, and undressed, and dressed again, and undressed, and dressed again, and undressed…. you get the idea.  It was exhausting, I became increasingly frustrated as nothing I tried on looked halfway decent, and not only that, but all that dressing and undressing did some weird and not-so-wonderful things to my hair!  Yuck.

After nearly three hours of searching tirelessly, I came out with one pair of grey chinos and a pair of workout pants (maybe the fact that I found workout pants is a sign?  I will just live in them for the next two months, workout all the time, and by summer I might be able to find something more suitable to wear).  Haha, no worries, I am only joking.

This experience has been pretty frustrating. It’s very hard to maintain self-confidence and a positive body image when it’s so difficult to find something that looks semi-decent on my body.  Naturally, I start being hard on myself – wondering if I’ve been working out enough, questioning whether or not there are more changes I could make to my diet.  Then I think of all the cute, size 6 clothes I have packed away in my basement (because they no longer fit), and well… you can see where this is going.

But the lesson is, I have been here before.  I’ve been though the Fitting Room Nightmare many, many times (I can even recall at least one time when I was reduced to tears).  And I survived.  What I have to realize is that there’s more to this experience than just a body that’s hard to dress.  Maybe the timing was off, maybe I need to save more money (man, decent clothes are pricey!), maybe I am just being too hard on myself.  What I am trying to say is that although I want to sit down right now, feel sorry for myself, and dwell in overall feelings of crummy-ness, I’m not going to let that happen.

I am going to stay positive.  I am going to stay focussed on the small changes I have made and remember that they are having a positive effect, even if I haven’t seen a big physical one yet.  And most of all, I am not going to let a couple crummy hours in a fitting room (or a small mountain of clothes), dictate how I feel about my body or myself.   I’ve got my eye on the prize and I’m only looking up.


Think Pink (and brights) for Spring!

I love lazy weekday mornings when I am actually off work and can sip a coffee while enjoying daytime television.  Fridays are always the best because it’s Fashion Friday on Cityline (so I get to see what the newest and latest trends are and get inspired to update my own closet).  It was also Makeover Madness day on The Marilyn Dennis Show and she featured a lot of great stylists with hair, beauty, and fashion tips for spring.  Of course, I then had to jump over to Pinterest for even more inspiration.  What I discovered was there isn’t anything fresher for spring than bright colours; voluminous curls, and pink, lots and lots of pink.

Check out some of my most favourite spring looks!



Looks I’m Loving Right Now

A few posts back I mentioned my slight obsession with Pinterest.  Although I would never classify myself as a “fashionista”, the women’s fashion category is definitely one of my favourite, most inspiring categories to peruse, and tonight has been no different.  I’m not exactly sure if all my picks are “on trend”, but thought it’d be fun to share the looks I’m loving anyway!  🙂