11 Confirmations that I Am Definitely ‘Type A’

Every now and then, a friend shares a link on Facebook that is totally relatable and describes me better than I can sometimes describe myself.  Tonight, my friend Amy shared a link titled “11 Things Every ‘Type A’ Person Wants You To Know”  and I couldn’t help but immediately identify with the list of things that author Lindsay Holmes identifies at the attributes of Type A individuals.  Here is a condensed version of Holmes’ list (for the full version, follow this link:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/11/type-a-frustrations_n_7213668.html ) and how I think each one of them relates to me.

1. We’re not impatient, just efficient. It’s true that I absolutely loathe activities that waste my time (waiting in lines, slow traffic as described by Holmes).  Even as I type this now, my keyboard keeps freezing and slowing down my writing process, and it’s driving me crazy!  Although most people use the line “Ain’t nobody got time for that” as a joke, I honestly believe in it.  Don’t waste my time, or we can’t be friends. And if you’re driving slow in front of me…. well let’s not even go there…

2. Arriving late to anything is agonizing. I’ve never been able to understand how people can constantly arrive late for things.  Some people (such as my husband) like to wait until the very last minute to leave for events and this just drives me insane!  Whether it’s a wedding or a dentist appointment, I like to be on time, if not several minutes early.  I know the frustration of having my time wasted (see above comment) and therefore don’t like to waste anybody else’s time either by being late for an event.  Also, the stress of leaving late and then hurrying to get there just isn’t worth it, if you ask me.                        to do list

3. We live by to-do lists. I am definitely the kind of person who writes to-do lists for my to-do lists.  As you may have noticed, I even have a category on this blog called Lists which should tell you how much I love them.  There’s not much that I find more satisfying than writing a list and checking off each item as it’s completed.  I will admit, I’ve even been one of those people who add things to my to-do list after they’re already completed, for the sole satisfaction of being able to place that neat, tiny little check mark beside it.  Whether it’s a grocery list, a list of household chores, ideas for my classroom, or even a bucket list, I love, love, love to-do lists.

4.  Each task we’re assigned is urgent.  To me, this goes along with the point about being efficient.  If there is a task that needs to get done, there’s no time like the present to complete it (after all, then I can hurry over to my to-do list and happily check it off). But seriously though, procrastination irks me.  Work, and then play – that’s my motto.  I can’t truly enjoy myself if I know there are “tasks” that need to be done, therefore there’s generally a feeling of urgency  when it comes to completing them.

5. We’re extremely goal-oriented. I would say that’s a pretty accurate description of myself.  Throughout my life, I have set goals and have worked hard to complete them, both big and small.  While there are always challenges in reaching any goal, I like to think that my stubborn streak and determination is what helps me in overcoming them.  Whether it’s losing weight, passing a class, or finding Mr. Right, when I set a goal, I am bound to meet it.

To do:  Practice more yoga, learn to meditate.

To do: Practice more yoga, learn to meditate.

6. It’s hard for us to relax.  I am pretty sure I’ve already written about this in a former blog post, as I am well aware that I can not relax easily. Again, this goes back to the idea mentioned above about a sense of urgency with anything and everything that needs to be done.  Like most Type As, my to-do list is never-ending and since I can’t relax until all the tasks are completed, I often find myself in a vicious cycle of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unable to relax. I do acknowledge this as a potential hazard to my mental state and have it written on a to-do list somewhere to take more yoga and learn how to meditate 😉

7. We get stressed out easily. Along with the difficulty in relaxing and the never-ending lists of tasks that need to be done now, comes the obvious fact that Type As get stressed out easily.  Blame it on the pressure we put on ourselves, our constant strive for perfection, or our slight anal-retentiveness, but I think we can safely say that most Type As live in a constant state of stress.

8We have nervous habits.  At first, I thought this was one of the few points that didn’t directly relate to me.  Until I read Holme’s first example: hair twirling.  Yep.  And her second example: nail biting.  Yep.  I guess this article is even more accurate than I had first assumed.hair twirl

9. We’re emotional. Now here’s one I can relate to.  I used to like to describe myself as laid-back until I really understood what the term meant and then got to know myself better.  I am not laidback.  In fact, I am usually pretty high-strung, and I am always emotional.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry a lot.  And once the emotions start running high, it’s nearly impossible for me to get control of them.  Usually I end up in some kind of teary, snotty, irrational and uncontrollable mess.  So when Holmes’ says we’re emotional, I say, amen sister and thanks for the understatement.

10. We’re constantly ruminating over something. Like the emotional spirals I send myself into, I often cause undue stress to myself by worrying about things that are out of my control.  I believe this relates directly to Type As’ need to control everything.  If it’s something I know that I can’t have complete control over, I tend to worry.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my husband who constantly has to reassure me and get me thinking rationally again.

11. We have a competitive side. I always thought that my competitive streak was because I am a Sagittarius but I can also see how being Type A makes me competitive.  I can vividly remember those girls in gym class who preferred to pick dandelions in the field instead of playing their positions in our baseball games and how much it used to irritate me.  And now, my Mom gets annoyed with me because I yell at the TV during baseball games.  Sorry, Mom, it’s not me, it’s the Type A 🙂


So there you have it.  If there was ever any doubt that I am a Type A, I think we can safely say that it’s been squashed.

Oh and remember that point that was made earlier about each task being urgent? Well, although I was feeling pretty tired about halfway through writing this post and really should have just saved my work to finish tomorrow, I felt much too unsettled to leave it incomplete and therefore forced myself to stay awake to finish it.  Check.

Also, my keyboard is still freezing on me. So annoying.




March Break Musings

While many of my friends and colleagues are off in tropical locations dipping beach drink their toes in the ocean and sipping frozen cocktails, I am home this week for March Break.  Naturally, part of me is a little jealous, that I, too, am not jetting off with only swimsuits, sunscreen, and sandals packed in my suitcase. Or at least heading to the closest city to do some retail therapy and maybe a girls weekend. Or even having remotely any kind of plans that entail leaving my house…

That being said, I am looking forward to giving my mind & body some much needed rest and relaxation in the comforts of my own home.  For instance, this morning, it was absolutely glorious to not have to wake up to my alarm, to enjoy a cup of coffee in the peaceful quiet of my own home, and to have all the time in the world to snuggle up and read a novel (currently: The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley).  I know exactly when The Voice and Love it or List it will play and plan to catch up on all my favourite day-time TV shows that I rarely get to see anymore (hello Cityline!).  I will spend my fair share of time on the couch, quite possibly in my pajamas, and quite possibly asleep.  I will obsessively check my Facebook simply because I have nothing else better to do, and hopefully the sun will come back so I can take Tucker out for a few jaunts around the neighbourhood.

Then because I am Type-A, and can’t fully relax by simply doing nothing, I will try get done a few of the things around here that there never seems time for.  The plan is to clean out and re-organize my kitchen and bathroom cupboards, to clean a few vents that are way past due, and possibly to even print out some photos for the empty frames that have needed filling since our wedding (a year-and-a-half ago!)  If I really get motivated, I might print off some of my Pinterest recipes (and even try to make a few), organize some of the workouts I’ve pinned for easier access (and hopefully  more motivation to work out), and get a head start on lesson planning before next week rolls around.

home sweet homeBut for now, I am going to sit here, as I have been most of the day, dressed cozily in my leggings, over-sized T-shirt and wool socks, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. I’ve alternated between snoozing, reading, surfing social media, and watching the boob tube pretty much all day, with a few minor interruptions for snacks.  I’ll admit I’ve been a little restless – thinking about the things I should be doing and fighting with myself over what will make me feel more satisfied: blissfully continuing to sit here or getting those kitchen cupboards done. It’s the typical internal battle I have day in and day out (and I’m pretty sure I am not alone here) – learning to relax without feeling guilty.  Turning off my brain, forgetting the endless to-do lists, and allowing myself to do nothing: simply, absolutely nothing. It’s not easy but so far I have to say it’s been quite lovely.  So lovely in fact, that I think it’s time for another chapter of my book.

Happy March Break, everybody!


When it’s too hard to think…

We all have “those” days.  The kind of day where you’d give almost anything to go back to bed, bury yourself in the covers, and possibly not come out for a very, very long time.  Where I live, a lot of people have these kind of days in the middle of January, where it’s been -35 for three weeks straight, before the wind chill.  With all the sun we’ve been having (hello, Vitamin D!), longer daylight hours, and warmer than seasonal temperatures, things should be looking up.  But the truth is, the only thing lifting my spirits today is that March Break is only 3 days away. Three. more. days.    Norwegian winter landscape bathing in warm afternoon sunlight

Today is the kind of day when it hurts to think, let alone dress myself presentably; smile and have normal conversations with my colleagues; educate the world’s next generation (yes, I take my job very seriously); prepare healthy and nutritious meals for my family; make sure I haven’t forgotten to pick someone up somewhere (dance, hockey, etc.); prepare tomorrow’s lessons for a substitute teacher; and a hundred other things I’m probably forgetting.

A few months ago, when I finally approached my doctor about feeling stressed, he looked me straight in the eye and said “It’s easy.  You’re a Type-A, over-achiever who works too much.” Naturally, I tried to argue with him and convince him that being this way was my “only choice”.  How else was everything going to get done that needed to get done?  If I didn’t do it all, who would?

But now, even on days like today when it’s too hard to think, what I am very, very, very slowly learning is that it will all get done.  Somehow, someway, it will.  (And the part I really struggle with is that the somehow and someway doesn’t have to be planned in meticulous detail by yours truly!) Even on days when all I want to do is lock myself in my room, and sleep, it will get done. It may mean my husband forcing me to sit with my feet planted firmly on the group, guiding me through a deep breathing activity (yes, it really happened), but it will get done.  Just like this blog post.  It got done 🙂

Three. more. days…..

Three. more. days…..