img_3590Hey friend!

Welcome to my tiny space of the big digital world!  This is a space I use to write + create – two things that my fill my cup and allow me live my personal truth.  But this isn’t just about me – I also want to create content that inspires, encourages, motivates, and uplifts you!

I started this blog many years ago as an outlet for self expression and to get back to writing which was something I had loved as a young girl but had gotten away from (check out my old blog posts that feature a range of topics!)

Recently, I’ve decided to get back to it (and to do a little updating!)  I was going to start from scratch and create a brand new blog because, as usual, I wanted everything to be perfect before I got started on the actual blogging part.  But guess what?  A couple of weeks have passed and not only have I not perfected that new blog yet (duh!), I was putting off putting out content because my beautiful, “perfect” site wasn’t ready! I kept comparing my site (which I tried to develop with ZERO web design skills or knowledge) to ones that have been created by professionals! How crazy is that?! I am so glad I have let that idea go because now it means I can START NOW (shout to my girl Rachel Hollis!) with the part I love which is writing + creating content for YOU!

So here I go.  It’s time to WRITE!  But don’t worry,  I’ve set goals for myself to learn web design and some photography skills this year so eventually I might have a pretty website!  Until then, I hope you’ll come back often and feel motivated, encouraged, inspired + uplifted while you’re here!

If you’ve got ideas for what you’d like to see on my blog, have ANY kind of feedback, or just want to say “hey”, please contact me!  I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Light + Love,



2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Krysse says:

    Hi there! I work for a fitness company in Toronto and am looking for a blogger to review our up-coming 8-week fitness challenge. I see that you are taking on some healthy fitness challenges on your own so was wondering if you’d be interested in participating for free?

    You can reach me at christinafriendjohnston@gmail.com if you’re interested.




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