Welcome to Paper and Pencil – a personal blog and space for me to write about, as I like to say, “whatever my little heart desires”.  I started this blog to fulfill a creative void I was feeling, but also in part because just recently, I made a pretty significant self-discovery – my passion.   They say in life you should do something that you are passionate about.  A few, very lucky people are actually able to turn their passion into a job.  For some it’s building, or painting, or singing.  But I wasn’t sure about my own. While I love my job as an elementary school teacher and find it very fulfilling, it does not give me the control to do whatever I want, however I want (and those of you who know me well, know how much I like control!)

So the other day when my friend Amy and I were driving home from work, chatting aimlessly about a myriad of topics, we started to discuss blogs.  Having recently discovered the “world of blogs”, I shared with Amy that I was interested in starting one of my own. Amy, being the smart business woman she is, suggested I consider a “niche” market of readers.  So I started to think about my interests.  Most of the blogs I currently ready are lifestyle and fashion blogs (will share those with you when I figure out more about developing this thing!)DSC08272, and while I wish I was one of these uber-stylish ladies, I really am not.  I considered a teaching blog but knew that I’d want to cover other, more personal topics.  I thought about a blog where I could write about books since I love reading so much, but knew that wasn’t quite it either.


Then, all of a sudden, there it was (and really, I am not sure what took me 34 years to figure it out when really it was under my nose the entire time).  My passion in life is writing.  It explains why as a kid, I spent hours making up and writing my own stories, as a teen I filled endless journals with poetry and dreams for the future, and as a 22-year-old ready to take on the world, I graduated with a journalism degree.  It explains why I’ve always believed that I can express myself best through writing.  Writing is what I am good at (at least I like to think so!)

But despite all this, life took me in another direction and over the years I have forgotten to write.  Instead, I’ve been busy becoming a teacher, a step-mother, a wife and along with all that a laundry-folder, meal-planner, taxi-driver (not really), and the list goes on.  In fact, life is so busy now that I often feel overwhelmed with all the thoughts, ideas, plans, lists, and other things running through my mind on a daily basis.  And often the only way to get them all out, and to bring peace, clarity, and rationality back to my otherwise over-loaded mind, is to write.

So here it is – my blog. My new space, empty and waiting to be filled with everything I have to say!  I hope that you will visit often, and find my posts a least mildly interesting! Please be patient with me as I acquire new skills in learning how to create this blog.  And check back often, because I hope that things around here will only get better 🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi there! I work for a fitness company in Toronto and am looking for a blogger to review our up-coming 8-week fitness challenge. I see that you are taking on some healthy fitness challenges on your own so was wondering if you’d be interested in participating for free?

    You can reach me at christinafriendjohnston@gmail.com if you’re interested.




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